Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Senior Director of Ecosystems, eyeo GmbH

Before coming on as one of the first employees at eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus and other similar products, Ben worked at the German Embassy in Washington, DC; prior to that he worked mainly in nonprofit organizations.

Ben collects records and cassettes, writes and claims to occasionally exercise. He is from Morehead, Kentucky, and currently lives in Bonn, Germany.

Adblock in the Dock: Are Ad Blockers Guilty of Destroying the Web?

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Ad blocking doesn’t command the spotlight it did back in 2016. Still, with 1 billion users worldwide and even Google’s Chrome browser deciding to start blocking ads automatically, it’s importance hasn’t diminished. But, as the industry seems to pardon its one time nemesis, ad blocking has changed tremendously. I’ll tell you how, and we’ll find […]

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