Daan Odijk

Daan Odijk

Lead Data Scientist, RTL

Daan Odijk is the lead data scientist at RTL. In 2016, he obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam, researching search algorithms for news. Subsequently, he joined journalism start-up Blendle to lead the personalization team.


Since 2018, Daan leads a team of a dozen data scientists and engineers, delivering data-powered products across RTL, including personalization for RTL Nieuws and Videoland.

AI for a Personal Content Experience

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As the largest commercial broadcaster in a declining Dutch TV market, RTL is making a transition from a traditional TV company to a consumer-focused media company. RTL is embracing a closer relationship and more direct interaction with its viewers, followers and visitors, via every conceivable means. The new growth strategy is centered around consumers’ needs […]

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