Luuk Derksen

Luuk Derksen

Co-Founder, Hoppin

Luuk is an experienced technologist with a deep expertise in Data Science, AI and blockchain. He’s passionate about making technology accessible and has demystified technologies such as AI and Blockchain to leaderships teams across Philips, IBM, McKinsey and many more. His latest venture, job shadowing marketplace Hoppin, goes a step further into experiential learning: where anyone, can try any job in a day. Luuk facilitates workshops, speaks & writes about AI and blockchain for OR/innovation.

AI and Blockchain: Disruptive Technologies in Marketing

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Like any other industry, Marketing has seen the impact of digital and technology, but talk to technologists and you realize they have only scratched the surface of the technology themselves. In this talk we’ll look at some of the cutting edge research projects, case studies and innovative startups in the space of artificial intelligence and […]

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