Mascha Driessen

Mascha Driessen

Senior Director Strategic Search Western Europe, Microsoft

Mascha is a specialist in Change & Innovation Management, specifically in the areas of Strategy, Business Models and Monetization in the new era where technology and marketing meet each other.

Mascha started her career in broadcasting TV (RTL) and TV Production (Endemol) after which she was hired by Google for the launch and rollout of YouTube in Benelux where she received the prestigious Google Global OC Award.She has a passion for change, innovation, marketing and technology. She strongly believes that taking risks will bring the business to the next level. Her motto: Better ask for forgiveness than permission. She has spoken at international conferences in Japan, South-Africa, United States, UK, various countries in Europe and United Arab Emirates.

At Microsoft, she received in 2015 the Circle of Excellence Global Platinum Award. She is in the board of IAB Netherlands, is a Mentor at StartupBootcamp, Board member at IPAN (for Internet entrepreneurs) and a board member at the start-ups RelevancyData, Sqillzer and Davinci Group. Furthermore, she lives in Amsterdam, is married and a proud mother of two sons of 13 and 16 years old.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence for Marketers

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By 2020, companies ​who effectively ​master Artificial Intelligence (AI) will steal ​$1.2 trillion per year ​from those that don’t, according to Gartner. Through AI, marketers can leverage amplified reasoning, understanding and interacting to deepen customer relationships. Discover how Microsoft can help you build these relationships.

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