Announcing Koen Schobbers, Koenz

Koen Schobbers - Speaker Announcement


Koen Schobbers, founder of Koenz is joining forces with Savage Marketing to present in our storytelling track at Savage Marketing 2019!

He became a professional gamer, an esports athlete back in 2006 from a racing game called Trackmania. Now Koen focuses on guiding companies into the world of gaming and esports. Using his own Koenz model, he has helped companies like Spinnin’ Records, Populous and Vodafone to achieve success in the esports realm.

As an ambassador of the Dutch esports association, and being the host of the new program Inside esports on FOX-Sports and Twitch.Tv it’s only fitting Koen joins our speaker board in 2019 to share how brands can capitalize on effective esports marketing strategies.

Koen will co-present with Arthur van Seggelen on activating youth through esports.


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