Biggloyalty Europe

BIGGLOYALTY is a global loyalty and rewards provider that serves a wide variety of industries in more than 95 countries. Our client base includes well-known global players such as Turkish Airlines , Philip Morris, Axa Insurance, Coca Cola, Samsung, Nestle, GE, Goodyear, Legrand etc.

We have our offices and logistic centers in Amsterdam, İstanbul and Dubai where we carry our own inventory of 25.000+ SKU products belonging to more than 850 international and local high perceived value brands.

Our services and solutions cover Loyalty Software, Global Rewards, Supply chain management and Logistics. Biggloyalty has four main products, , complementing each other with loyalty programs, software and applications.

  • Biggstars Employee Recognition and Rewarding Program,
  • Biggclub Dealer Campaign and Rewarding Program,
  • Biggymobil End-user Loyalty and Rewarding Program.
  • Biggrewards : One of the richest Rewards Portals in the world

BIGGSTARS: Employee Appreciation And Rewarding Platform

The Biggstars Employee Appreciation and Social Rewarding platform, which aims to increase employee productivity by motivating employees in a social environment, enhances internal communication and creates a culture of appreciation through web and mobile based applications. Biggstars has a dynamic system where employees are congratulated and share their positive opinions and rewarded. Biggstars has a multi functional interface with reward points management, secure infrastructure, online reporting module, integrated customizable point calculation module.

BIGGCLUB: Dealer Campaign and Rewarding Application

Biggclub is a dealer incentive program to increase loyalty and sales performance through the awarding, campaign and content management application for business partners. This software increases sales of products, motivates dealers and agents, provides superiority and offers many advantages. It supports the communication and interaction with dealers.

BIGGYMOBILE: Mobile Loyalty Program

Biggymobil is a mobile rewarding platform that enables end-users to collect points in their purchases, to acquire some advantages and provides them to redeem their points not only at the point of sales but also in the Biggrewards, reward portal. It offers pleasant shopping experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our clients can utilize all platforms to increase the success rates of their sales campaigns, follow their customers more closely and reward them instantly with Biggymobil as their solution partner.

BIGGREWARDS: Reward Points Site Special for Loyalty Programs

One of the  richests reward portal application Biggrewards, meets all the needs of the companies and the customers who wish to find decent selection of products, travel and experiences categories in the loyalty programs. Integrated with the loyalty programs softwares for end-users, dealers and employees, Biggrewards brings a new look to rewarding with over 850 brands and more than 25,000 products in 30 main categories.