Eva Wimmers

Eva Wimmers

President, Huawei Honor Europe / VP, Honor Global Huawei

Philosophy: Transform people into leaders and ideas into action

Eva Wimmers is the President Huawei Honor Europe. In this role she oversees sales, operations, and marketing in Europe. As part of her role, she is establishing the young brand in the European market and driving partnerships across Europe.

Additionally, as the VP of Honor Global she manages international business operations including brand direction, vision and goals.

Eva has over 20 years of experience with brands including T-Systems, BUYIN, and T-Mobile.

Before Eva moved to Huawei, she was the CPO of the Deutsche Telekom group and a member of the T-Systems Supervisory Board.

Under her guidance, Deutsche Telekom launched its highly successful private label products “T-Com” and “T-Mobile MDA”. She has a proven track record driving effective change within both large and small businesses. Being an expert in building European and global trends, brands and partnerships make her a valuable asset driving the business for Honor.

Eva holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Institute for Law and Finance at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Business Administration and a Marketing Certificate from Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland.

About Huawei Honor:

Honor is a brand under the Huawei Group, was established in 2013 and targets youth as its core market. While Huawei mobiles is now the 2nd most popular smartphone in the world, Honor has pledged to reach industry’s Top 5 within the next three years.

The Honor View10 won 10 awards of “Best Smartphone of CES2018”

Brand Building For Young Digital Natives

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How does Brand Building work when the target groups are Young Digital Natives, Millennials and Gen Z. Join Eva to unlearn together what is relevant for those generations. They have different values and view the world in their own way. They consume for a purpose not so much for status, so ‘owning’ can be replaced […]

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