Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Track Leader - Storytelling

Philisophy: No whining, no complaining, no negativity – Chasing Excellence

Fleur thrives and loves to share her knowledge and experience and raises the content bar. As an independent contractor, she is booked to get content effectiveness really started: by sharing and showing, learning from others the tips and tricks and, in time, transferring her knowledge to the extended team.

Fleur is the Devil’s advocate, kick starter, inspirator, enabler and sets up the content basics and fundamentals.

Content Basics: Data & KPIs for smarter usage of FB and IG algorithm

3. Rooms 6 & 7

To excel in content, you have to set your basics and fundamentals first. In this session, Fleur takes you along two major topics. To start: how to use free available data to define your help content. And second: how to optimize your budgets by combining media buying and creative production based on smarter usage of […]

4. Storytelling