Jeremy King

Jeremy King

CEO & Founder, Attest

Philosophy: Guessing and subjectivity aren’t just wrong, they’re dangerous!

Jeremy King is CEO & Founder of Attest, a fast-scaling, VC-backed, 55 person technology company based in London.

Great companies put consumers and data at the heart of every decision. Attest makes that open and simple for anyone at every business, continuously, at global scale.

Attest is backed by California-based NEA, one of the largest and most significant venture investors in the world, with over 225 portfolio company IPOs since 1977.

Previously Jeremy spent 9 years with McKinsey & Company, leading teams across almost every industry sector, in over 25 different countries. He also holds a MBA from Harvard Business School.

He was originally a scientist, focusing on genetics, ecology and behaviour (notable interests in synthetic biology, mathematical simulations, and reef fish ecology).

Based on a combined love of strategy and science, he saw huge opportunities to improve how data and insights are used at organisations of all sizes, so decided to actually do something about it. Attest grew rapidly from there.

Jeremy is also the Chair of REAch2 Academy Trust, which helps to support and improve over 60 state primary schools across the UK.

About Attest:

Attest is on a mission to bring every business closer to consumers, and empower them with the insights that drive predictable and repeatable growth.


How? We call it a Consumer Growth Platform, where everyone can gain answers to their burning questions from audiences of 100 million consumers across 80 markets, starting in as little as 90 seconds.

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4.54 billion years of in-field testing have created some truly amazing forms of competition, life cycles, reproduction and survival in the natural world. This talk by former scientist, current startup CEO, McKinsey and Harvard Business School alum. Jeremy King will share some fascinating stories from nature, applied to developing and evolving new Customer Journey ideas. […]

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