Joseph Villeflayoux

Joseph Villeflayoux

CMO, Hurricane Group

Philosophy: Developing action sports throughout the world by delivering creative solutions to complex challenges.

Joseph joined the FISE adventure in 2006, when the company was only made up of a dozen employees. Graduate of Montpellier Business School with an MBA in Managerial Innovation, Joseph has contributed to the development of the FISE business model, throughout many branches of the company. Passionate about digital communication and events, in 2016 he was the author of a professional thesis entitled ” the impact of digitalization in the financing of sports events: the case of sponsorship”. Since 2012, Joseph has been Hurricane Communications, Marketing and Media Director. Joseph also teaches sports marketing at Montpellier University and Business School.

About Hurricane Group:

Hurricane specializes in urban sports, offering global expertise in all aspects of event management, communication, and infrastructure provision. The company works with its partners to create highly effective communication and engagement strategies targeted specifically at 15-25-year-olds.

Hurricane has been organizing events since 1997, delivering over 350 successful experiences so far. Experts in action sports our events provide an ideal platform for brands who want to create a new type of story.

The FISE World Series, a tour organized by Hurricane, welcomes all skill levels; so far more than 2,700 amateur and professional athletes from over 40 countries have taken part, resulting in dramatic displays of jaw-dropping stunts, jumps, and tricks. Hurricane works with several international federations to deliver their world cup competitions including UCI, World Skate, and FIG.

From live production to social media – from PR to influencer relationships